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Courreges Text Detailed White Raincoat

100% Polyester

The raincoat with text detail has a white color. Inner part is lined. Having a waterproof structure, the raincoat has a stylish and simple appearance. The raincoat, which has a zipper from the neck, has two pockets that you can use actively. You can choose it in your daily combinations in autumn and winter.

Zipper Pattern Gray Short Coat

70% Cotton 30% Polyester

The short model coat has a gray color. The jacket, which has a velvet fabric structure, is lined inside. It has two pockets that you can use actively. There is a zipper in length. The short model coat is a stylish design, you can easily use it in autumn and winter.

Belted Pattern Navy Blue Shirt Jacket

70% Polyester 30% Viscone

Plaid patterns are among the trendy pieces this year. Lumberjack model shirt jacket with longitudinal buttons has a navy blue color. It has four pockets that you can use actively. Button detail on the wrists of the shirt. You will love the soft structured lumberjack model shirt jacket. Lumberjack shirt jacket is waiting to be among the indispensable parts of your wardrobe. Be the most stylish with the air that the belt adds to the model.

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Maylisa Sultan operates in various branches of the textile industry. In the field of apparel, it produces and sells in various product groups as a lower and upper group. The Maylisa Sultan brand, which is generally focused on foreign sales, started its activities in Turkey and abroad, especially in the field of hijab clothing. Our goal and mission is to deliver the best quality and economical products to our customers in a fast and safe way.

As the Maylisa Sultan team, which set out with the principle of 100% customer satisfaction, our indispensable rules, our original designs, our collections made of high quality and comfortable fabrics, to offer our customers the privilege of being different with current models by following sustainable innovations and developments, to act in accordance with the consumer protection laws numbered 4077.

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"Kargom jet hızında geldi
Ürünleri çok beğendim!"
Erdal from Turkey, İstanbul
"Elbiseler çok güzel.
Hızlı teslimat yapıldı!"
Ecem from Turkey, İstanbul

"Mağazamız için toptan alışveriş yapıyoruz
Kumaşları çok kaliteli!"
Taner Phoenix, Arizona
"Parfümleri uzun süre kalıcı
Kokularını çok beğeniyorum"
Michael from Bellflower, Oregon

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